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kia ora koutou. haere mai, ko toku rangitaki tenei. sometimes i have thoughts that exceed 240 characters. they go here. mau te rongo!

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13 Huitānguru 2019

lots has happened. i’ll write about it soon.

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  1. Thanks for disabling my comments on Youtube. What a cunt of a thing to do. Just want to express my disdain and contempt for shills like you that just want views and subs, yet fail to get to the root of the problems in our society and who is behind it. It’s funny, because I know I am 10 times the youtuber you are, yet jew to our (((brainwashed society))) I’m the one who gets left in the dark. Oh btw, your use of Te Reo is a joke as well…two can play at that game. I could sign off in the Cherokee nations lingo, but I’m not trying hard to please any natives! Ridiculous.

    Anyway, if you bother to read this, Know that even though you maybe a voice in NZ here on earth, I would back the man upstairs to hold me in higher regard than yourself when all is said and done.

    With utter disgust,

    Antony from Wellington.

    Reply, show some courage. Tell me I’m wrong. The fact I wrote all this is an outcry and worthy of response.

    How fucking dare you disable me commenting when i only left like two comments.

    Your day will come.

    1. kia ora Antony,

      i never manually disable comments unless someone’s been extremely abusive or advocated violence.

      i think what must have happened in this case is that youtube’s algorithm falsely identified your comment as spam and it was ‘held for review’. when i went to review it, i must have clicked the ‘disable user’ button in error instead of clicking ‘approve’. i had no reason to ban you; it was a simple mis-click.

      there was no need for you send me an over the top hostile response like this. if you’d approached me politely and said “hey why’d you disable me?” i would have apologised and un-banned you straight away and that would have been that.

      when you send something like this, you come across as unhinged. the personal insults ware totally unnecessary and way off the mark. i’m not easily offended so it didn’t bother me, but for your sake i point it out because this kinda behaviour is only gonna cause you problems in life. i don’t know you, but i’m sure you can be better than this.

      all the best in your youtube endeavours. i’ve un-hidden your comments from my channel. i hear the big man upstairs is into forgiveness; pay it forward.

      nga mihi,

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