Rahera (Rach). artist/writer type. political junkie. aspiring human, sometimes. free speech and animal welfare advocate. interests include violent crime & children's books.

kia ora koutou. haere mai, ko toku rangitaki tenei. sometimes i have thoughts that exceed 240 characters. they go here. mau te rongo!

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kia ora! if you’re one of the two or three people who still semi-regularly check this blog (hi Liv, Lily and Charlie!), you might have noticed that the layout has had a re-design. it used to look like this:


much as i liked the cluttered, tortured artist look, i wanted something a bit cleaner and more reader-friendly. order v. chaos.

i’ve kept personal handwritten journals for years, but lately i have this desire to say things. to the world. i guess it’s not uncommon in the age of social media and YouTube, broadcasting your innermost thoughts into the abyss, but it still feels weird for me. i’m super private and introspective by nature, but i’m finding myself increasingly opinionated, the more i look outside myself and learn about the world.

it’s gotten to the point where i need a public space to document my observations. twitter is my go-to zone to rant into the void, but sometimes my brain fills up with thoughts in excess of 240 characters. they chase themselves around in circles in my mind (dogs, tails) and i need to get them out. headlines. soundbites. chunks of text. years ago i had this vivid, graphic dream where my skull was full of rotting paper — i wrote it down. i might post it later. it could help to explain. the point is, i have some stuff to say, and i guess i want people to hear.

the name of this blog has changed too. it used to be unreliable-narrator.co.nz… not exactly designed for marketability, haha. English geeks will recognise the term. an unreliable narrator is a narrator in literature, film, or theatre, whose credibility has been seriously compromised. i won’t make any claims about the current status of my credibility. the astute reader might speculate that the new domain name reflects a solidification in the protagonist’s sense of identity… or something. it’s all a matter of interpretation. come to your own conclusions. or don’t.

ko Rahera taku ingoa. ko toku rangitaki tenei. 

projects currently in the works:

  • essay thing about identity politics
  • video review of Lizzie Marvelley’s ‘That F Word: Growing Up Feminist in Aotearoa’
  • YouTube documentary thing about free speech/media bias in NZ

i should probably write a proper bio section for this blog and an outline of the sort of things i want to write about, if only for my own benefit. anyway. whakawhetai koutou mo te pānui.

nga mihi ❤️

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