Rahera (Rach). artist/writer type. political junkie. aspiring human, sometimes. free speech and animal welfare advocate. interests include violent crime & children's books.

kia ora koutou. haere mai, ko toku rangitaki tenei. sometimes i have thoughts that exceed 240 characters. they go here. mau te rongo!

simple html

30 Kohitātea 2019


also i am tearing my hair out trying to convert my old tumblr theme into a wordpress theme. like for some bizarre reason everything was working fine but then a random post from before edoesn’t show up at ALL but then this one does and i do not understand what would cause something like that

i think a few people have subscribed to get email alerts when a new post goes up and i don’t know how to turn that off so if you’re reading this i’m so sorry

it’s really hot. i should be outside. i will go outside soon but learning new code is weirdly addictive. it’s so frustrating but then when you figure out the trick it’s like a little cartoon lightbulb moment and it’s fun. good for your brain, probably.

whatever, it seems to be working ok now. i’ll do another test and then go get some fresh air and sun and a Subway salad because those things are addictive too.

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