19 Poutūterangi 2019

i did not write about anything that happened.

now the worst thing ever has happened.

i will write about that, because that is the only thing i can do.


13 Huitānguru 2019

lots has happened. i’ll write about it soon.


made a video about the spectacular trainwreck extravaganza that is Auckland Pride 2019.


1 Huitānguru 2019

i haven’t watched or read the news (at least deliberately) in over a month. it’s better for my sanity. i’ve been able to enjoy summer and being alive.

today i was getting ready to take the dogs out and i became aware of a 9 year old family cat who was euthanised after someone doused him with sulphuric acid. i cried most of the way to the beach.

the world is full of evil and i feel like there’s nothing i can do. i feel so powerless and i get so enraged that the people who do have the power to do something don’t do shit, and then they go on the world stage talking about compassion and empathy, and it’s like a sick joke.

i don’t know what to do.


31 Kohitātea 2019

thinking of setting up something totally independent from this little blog for social/political commentary stuff. because i still might want to write stuff like that sometimes and want people to read it, and this isn’t the place i’d wanna direct them to, haha. it’d be like mixing work with private life, or something. i have some ideas. Charlie has some ideas. i think it could be good. we’ll see what happens.

went to the doctor today. it is a new doctor. my old GP retired. he was my doctor all my life. the new doctor is young and English. he gave me the pills i needed, no problem, which was a huge relief because some doctors are weird about it. supply should last me a good while.

will go to Lower Hutt on Monday. i will not miss the heat.